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Hip pain can stem from a number of causes.  There are many conditions that can cause hip pain because the hip is a "ball and socket" joint, (like the shoulder joint). These are the type of joints that have the largest range of motion in our body.  Ball and socket joints require alot of muscular support around them to direct all of these different directions of movement, and to keep them stable. 

Often, misalignments or lack of mobility in the feet, knees or spine can cause hip pain because they "pull" on the hip a few different possible ways.  This constant pulling or misalignment at the hip joint will often put too much stress on one or more of the muscles that supports and moves the joint causing a muscular strain, or will cause the joint itself to move and wear unevenly resulting in a type of "wear and tear" arthritis called "osteoarthritis".  Most hip replacement surgeries are a result of these processes having gone unchecked for far too long, so the joint needs replacing.

Because the hip is a weight-bearing joint, it is usually excessive weight-bearing under misaligned conditions that the problem originates from.

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